Propane Oven not working


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Propane Oven not working

Hello all, this is my first post. I have read many other threads hoping to find an answers for my problem.

We have a very old Findlay LP 20" stove at the cottage. The 4 top burners and pilots are working well. The oven on the other hand isn't. The previous owners had the oven looked at by someone because the oven pilot would not stay on. They fixed the problem but then it seemed that the thermostat stopped working after that. The oven would come on but would not have a regulated heat. Everything would burn.

I can turn the oven on by turning the oven knob and using a match while pushing down the knob. The pilot light comes on, which is about a 2" to 3" yellow flame. The oven is a nice blue flame though. When I release the knob both the pilot and the oven shuts off even if I keep it on for over a minute before letting it go. The temperature doesn't seem to be regulating either. I was expecting to see some type of sensor over the pilot light to detect the flame but didn't see anything.

Any advice?
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Hello MoeD001 and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and to the Gas Appliances topic.

Based upon the problem description, the oven has multiple problems.

Pilot flame is yellow? Indicates a restricted secondary air problem. Not enough air mixed with pilot gas. Look for tiny holes in the pilot assembly.

Usually near and or very close to the tubing nut, just behind or on the pilot assembly. Those two air inlet holes need to be cleaned/cleared out. Use a can of compressed air. The type used to blow clean computer keyboards.

Re-light and re-try lighting the pilot flame and note the flames color. Should be all blue and HOT. No yellow. Indicates a HOT pilot flame, which is necessary to heat safely element in the pilot assemble hot enough to keep gas control valve opened.

If the above is obtained, oven burner should remain on. If not, safety element is burned out and will need to be replaced.

As far as the ovens temp control is concerned, that's another totally different problem. Usually indicates the ovens thermostat is defective. Unable to sense and/or maintain temperature.

If the sensor probe, in the baking compartment, isn't secured in two clips, it should be. Look for temp sensor probe. Should be in two clips on the top section of the ovens baking compartment.

That probe (element) senses oven temp and should not touch any inside metal part in the oven. If that's okay and in place and the ovens internal temp cannot be controlled by the thermostat, thermostat is worn out or burned out. Replacement of the T-Stat is then the only solution/option.

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