Maytag Gas Dryer Mod DG412 Won't Heat

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Maytag Gas Dryer Mod DG412 Won't Heat

Hi Folks,

'Got a problem with the dryer... Maytag gas, circa 1986-88, Model # DG412, Series 2. It's worked like a charm for years, with a few minor repairs-- never a problem. Frankly never cost us a lot of money and the darn thing's worked longer and better than several cars we've owned! Tonight, I dumped in a load of clothes, turned it on and found that I have no heat in the dryer only cold air.

Long story short-- when I turn it on, the glowing thing (glow coil?) in the lower right corner glows, air blows around inside, but it's cold air. I also tried removing the duct (haven't got to the back to clean out the exhaust-- will do that in the AM,) and cleaned out the front lint trap with my trusty brush... turned it back on and still nothing but cold air.

I have no idea on how to clean out the back inside duct coming from back of the dryer, and I'm more than willing to replace the flex' pipe if we can get it to work properly.

Anything simple you folks might suggest we try before I call the Maytag Repair Guy on Monday Morning and get prepared for the "You should buy a new dryer speech?" Or the, "Here's the $150 repair bill?" I figure it should be a fairly simple fix. If it's something we can do ourselves, I'd rather do it ourselves. The husband can do it, but we need to know how to diagnose the problem-- and go pick up the part or parts.

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Hello MWehmeier. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Repair person coming Today??? Monday morning??? YIKES... Not much time left....

Best possible solution was to first read the sticky note HERE

Contains almost all the possible causes and almost all the possible solutions.... Most likely and common cause, of several possibilities, is a defective solenoid coil.

There are two of them. Which are located on top of the gas control valve. Also possible the hot surface glow igniter may be glowing but much to weak to ignite gas.

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the most likely possible problem may be. They will need the make, model and serial numbers. Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts and problem resolving matters. Dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs or services. Always check for gas leaks whenever moving the appliance and/or a service or repair includes any connection of a gas part.

Read the existing questions on the subject of dryers. Doing so will more quickly provide you with answers to questions & provide additional information on how to resolve dryer problems.

Use the reply button to add additional information or questions. Using the reply button keeps or moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically and keeps all communications on this subject in this thread.

Regards and Good Luck.
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The Repair Man Just Left...


The local repairmen just left. We use Diamond Bar Washer Repair here locally. Between us We adore Gary-- he comes quickly when called, is reasonably priced and has never attempted to overcharge us. You can never say that about the big box company repair folks.

Had he not been able to get here today, we'd have tried to do this ourselves.

Turns out it was the a defective solenoid coils. Because when I called I left him all the information, what was wrong, Model and Serial No etc... he had the parts with him. Total time to get fixed including a few minutes to chew the fat... 45 minutes. Cost $90.

I can't complain... But thanks for validating the problem!
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$90 to replace the gas valve coils? Don't lose his phone #!
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Originally Posted by daddyjohn View Post
$90 to replace the gas valve coils? Don't lose his phone #!
Well his phone number is on the board here on the 'fridge. Does that tell you anything!

We adore Gary!
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dido on don't lost his phone #. You got a very good price.
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Smile Dryer not heating

Good information. I was able to diagnose the problem using the information provided by you all. Thanks to all of you. I replaced the two coils and the dryer is running fine now.

With the old defective coils, they gas flame used to start but within a mnute it was turning off. a few minutes later, it would start again and then turn back of within a minute. This cycle would continue...

After replacing coils, I noticed steady flame for several minutes and drying time is back to normal.

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