Monogram Cooktop electrode won't shut off


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Monogram Cooktop electrode won't shut off

The electrodes on all 5 burners will not stop sparking-the front left burner will not shut off-the gas shuts off (in the off position)but the electrodes keep sparking-the control knob light stays lite even at the off position. My warrenty is 13 months and GE will not honor it-go figure. I pulled the pug and turn the gas off when I don't use the stove. The left burner works fine when the knob is turned on.
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Hello dangut. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Constant sparking usually indicates poor heating of the element rod. Flames from burner must imping (touch and/or be in contact with) spark element/rod. Applies to sparkers along side burners.

When this happens, the resistance value to current power changes and is sensed by the spark module. Which in turn then turns off the module.

For the configuration above, try this:
Clean sparking element. Use an old tooth brush or similar item. Brush sparking rod/element to remove any debris. Be sure all ports/holes/slot in burner head are clean. Especially in area where flames must be in constant contact with sparker element.

Check the electrical connection at the base of each sparker for a good connections, wiring and cleanliness. Also check the terminal ends at the switches and the spark module.

Additional Information:
If the sparkers are between two burners, the sparking module may be defective. Defective sparking modules may not spark each time or for not a long period of time. They can also create a weak spark all the time or after a period of usage or no spark at times.

Spark modules are not repairable. The entire part must be replaced. Replacements are available at the local appliance retail parts store listed in the phone book.

Another cause could be reversed electrical polarity. The plug end will have 3 prongs. It must be directly connected into a properly wired and grounded wall receptacle. Reversed electrical polarity over a long duration of time will destroy the spark module.

DO NOT use 2 prong extension cords to lengthen the existing appliances electrical wire. DO NOT bypass the grounding pin on the end of the appliances electrical cord. Doing either of these will also damage the spark module.

Yet another possibility could be moisture and/or water on one or more of the switches after a recent cleaning. Drying as described in the help and advice sticky note should resolve the problem.

Read This: Sticky Advice And Information Note In This Topic:
Range-Stove-Oven-Broiler Basic Help Information & Manufacturers Web Sites. Range/Stove/Oven/Broiler Info, Leak Detection, Fault Codes, Fuel Conversion & Links - Community Forums

If you attempt to do any repairs, be sure the electrical power is turned off or the stove is unplugged. If you choose not to do the repairs yourself, contact the dealer's local service agency. Until then...unplug the appliance and light the burners with a match.

Retail parts dealers and appliances parts stores can also help determine what the possible problem may be based upon that specific brand and model. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Dealers and appliances parts stores are listed in the phone book.

Cautionary Reminder Note:
Before attempting any repairs, be sure to unplug the appliance from the wall receptacle power source first.

Use the reply button to add additional information or questions. Using the reply button keeps or moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically and keeps all communications on this subject in this thread.

Regards and Good Luck. Web Site Host, Moderator Hiring Agent, Gas Appliances Topic Moderator, Multiple Forums Moderator & Natural Gas Appliance Diagnostics Technician.

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