Gas dryer won't stay off

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My Kenmore gas dryer won't stay off when the door is closed. I have to leave the door opened to keep it from running. It does cut off after drying a load but it will go to the next cycle unless I open the door and keep it open. Is this an easy fix?
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Hello, a question or two turn on the is running...if you turn the timer to the off position...what happens...if the dryer keeps may have a bad timer...if the dryer shuts off ok ..timer may be ok. The fact that it will shut off when the door is opened, sounds like the door switch is ok. If timer is not advacing to the off postion...poss bad timer. If you ment that the dryer starts up as soon as you turn on the timer with out pushing the start button...poss problems:
- motor - motor/switch
- wires ( shorted )
- bad or stuck start switch
I hope something in all my rambling helps you out...if not ..just come back and ask another question.
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Hello: jamart

If I understand your question correctly here, your saying the dryer continues running every time the door is closed. You also state that it continues into the next cycle?

If your referring to the continuous running UNLESS the door is opened, then I would most likely suspect the timer is damaged or defective.

In this case, you would need to have that replaced. However, before calling a repair service, check the following FIRST.

Be sure the buttons on the control panel are set correctly. Try changing the settings, testing and then change them again and see what happens in other selections.

<There maybe a continous cycle setting but I doubt it since you didn't mention the dryers age.>

Regarding an easy fix? If it is the timer, be aware that there are multitude of wires connected to it.

Should you attempt to replace this yourself, FIRST UNPLUG the dryer.

Then hand draw a wiring diagram to show the color and exact location of each wire attached to the existing timer. Then you will know exactly where to attach those wires to the new timer.

Take you time here and I would also suggest you NOT have any distractions. One incorrectly located wire means two wires will be wrong and when you turn on the power...POUF! There goes the new timer...:-(

If you have never attempted anything like this prior, it may also be wise to call in a repair person. Plus, retail buying of a timer, which is an electrical part, most appliance parts retailers, if not ALL, do not except returns on electrical parts.

Therefore, once you buy the timer, you own it, even if it doesn't correct the problem.

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