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I am in need of advice regarding my Gas dryer venting. My home is three years old, and if I had known then what I do now, I would have had my dryer vented differently than it is now. Currently my utility area lies in the center of the first floor with the dryer vent going up through the wall and across the ceiling approx. 10 ft. to the rear of the house. I am experiencing constant problems with my dryer overheating due to clogged vent hose. The lint is backing up into the dryer and matting against the inside of the drum. You can see it through the holes in the back of the drum. I would like to revent my dryer, but am not sure where to go with it. If I go to the right, I am in the living room. If I go to the left I am in the garage. My stairs are above me and to the front. What do I do???? Any advice would be appreciated. Is there a way I could vent it to a filter box in the utility room itself?? Or would I have too much humidity to deal with?? Thanks.
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Hi, Gas dryers MUST be vented outdoors...NO to the vent box and NO to a indoor vent kit, NO to venting in the garage... Poss to move the dryer?? Might be a good idea to have a service/venting company in and have them assess the vent problem...maybe going to a larger vent might help, they may come up with a idea to help the dryer vent properly, they may suggest a new vent route?????
Sorry for the bad news, if I come up with anything else, I will let you know.
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Hello JPBLane
Your gas dryer problem may not be as difficult as it seems. No venting in the house is exceptable. In the garage is possible, however, the lint that does escape the dryers filter, you will find everywhere. The moisture will also be a problem.
Using galvanized piping and going thru the wall in the laundry room into the garage, then running the galvanized piping along the garage floor to the exterior sounds like the best solution from what you discribed. This is often found as the correction method for the problem you have. <Use the same diameter galvanized tubing as the dryer flex tubing.>
If your not intending to make this correction your self, check with any licensed plummer in your town. They are the people who often make these corrections and know the codes of your city and state best.
He/she should offer this method or you may suggest it.
Good Luck.

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Thanks for the replies. If I vent it into my garage,(which is enclosed and attached) won't I still have a problem with Carbon Monoxide? What do you think Tom? I am considering selling my gas dryer and purchasing an electric one. I believe it would be okay to vent it into my garage into one of those indoor vent traps that catch the lint. It would also eliminate the Carbon Monoxide issue. My only concern would be any possible humidity damage. What do you think?
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Hi JPBLane:

As I mentioned in my first reply, I said it would be okay to vent in to the garage but not a really good idea and explained why.

I also mentioned going into the garage with metal tubing to get to an exterior wall. Then go through that garage wall to vent to the outside, as the best option.

If I didn't make that clear enough, please excuse me.

Regarding your concern about carbon monoixde.
Not to worry there. In the industry, our main concern is appliances that automatically cycle on and off like the furnace. Manually operated appliances like a dryer isn't of much concern.

However, any appliance that burns either natural or propane gas can cause carbon monoixde. Dryers just have such lower consumption rates that CO isn't of much concern in a large an area as a two or more car garage.

Hope this clears it all up JPB.


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