leaking gas hot water tank

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Our 10 year old hot water tank has been leaking around the cold water inlet valve for the past two weeks. The leak is small, just a drip, and has lessened in the rate of leaking over the past couple of days. It sounds, though like there is water running through the water lines constantly now... yet no sign of any water puddling anywhere. Is this safe? What is making the sound in the water pipes?
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Your discribing two different conditions here. Therefore, I will cover both as they apply.

First: If the inlet water faucet has a small drip around it, that's a sure sign it should be repaired or replaced.

The rust is building up around the leak which will slow or even stop the leak for a while but will not correct the problem. Therefore the valve should be replaced or repaired.

If that leak is not corrected, the corrosion will build up internally as well and someday when you need to turn the valve to close off the water...the valve will either be frozen open or bust. Best to correct it asap.

As for the sound of water running thru the pipes, be sure ALL faucets inside and outside the house are closed. If you still here water running while your ear is on the tank, close the pilot light.

The pilot will make a sound thru the tank that will sound like water flowing. After closing the pilot, if you still here the sound of water flowing, contact your local plummer. You may have a small water leak somewhere in a pipe behind a wall, under the slab or sub flooring.

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