Dryer belt replacement

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Can anyone point me to simple instructions as to how to change the belt on my dryer. I can see in frrom lifting the top that the belt is broken so when I get a new one where do I start. I'm sure I can start by just taking the whole thing apart but generally is there an approach to follow. Should I remove the front panel to expose the drum to put on the belt or should I be doing it all from the back. If I am doing it from the back it appears the drum is "mounted" on the back of the dryer for rotation purposes. Should it be unmounted from this area to gte the new belt around. From reading prior posts I'll try to make a picture of looping the new belt from the existing, if it isn't already off.

I'm pretty handy but when I do something like this I usually feel like I could have done it in 10 less steps when I'm done.

My dryer is a White Westinghouse about 8 years old. If it's not worth the hassle I'll pick up a new machine at the depot.
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Hi:Bill Twomey

Basic steps used to replace a dryer belt.

First unplug the dryer. Then lift the top lid, then remove both the front and rear panels. <Notice which screws go where.>

Now be sure to make a pencil drawing of how the existing belt is currently installed around the pulley's near the motor.

Next, lift the drum up slightly, if needed and install the new belt exactly as the old belt was. <Notice which side of the belt faces the drum.>

Put the new belt on the marks found on the top of the drum exactly. The marks from the old belt will the new belt to lineup properly.

Now loop the new belt around the pulley's exactly as you found the old belt. <Refer to the diagram you made previously if needed.>

Once it's on and done correctly. it should have the proper tension and ride in exactly the same location everywhere the old belt did.

Now hand rotate the drum one or two turns to seat the belt. Re-assemble the panels you removed, reconnect the vent tube and run the dryer briefly with just the top lid open.

If all is well, close the lid, put the dryer back in it's normal position, notify the lady of the household <if there is one> head to the refridgerator and grab a tall cold beer and relax...your done! hahaha

If you think you may need other instructions and/or a pictorial diagram, remove the panel directly behind the upper control panel. Most manufacturers HIDE the schematics behind this removeable panel.

Good Luck,
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