gas stovetop burning too hot!

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Hi! We have a fairly new Whirlpool gas stove. When it wasa reinstalled after we had a new floor laid the setting for the gas output is too high. We received no books when we bought this house. I just need to find out how to turn this hot burner down! Hope you can help! Pam
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Puzzling question you pose. Never heard of one burner being too high as a result of moving a stove to lay a new floor.

First, turn on all the top burners and compare the flame sizes. Notice if any burner heads are larger then the rest.

Some makes/models of stoves have one larger burner as a feature. Some have one or two smaller burners as standard or any of several combinations.

If you do need to adjust one burner, there is an orfice on the gas valve. It is brass or bronze in color and has a hex head. This orfice is adjustable using a thin walled 7/16th inch open ended wrench.

Turn the orfice counterclock wise two turns and check the flame size. Adjust as preferred.

However, be aware, if you under size the flame or over size the flame too much, lighting the burner from the spark ignition or pilot may become a problem.

Good Luck,
Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant.

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