converting a propane gas grill to natural gas

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I have 2 propane gas grills and have natural gas lines with provisions for hooking up grills to them. What I need is the conversion tables for the jet orafice sizes to drill the right size for the jets.
I know that I can buy the jets and install them however I have the tools to drill precision holes as I repair clocks and small instraments
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Without getting into too much detail here, if your intending to use an appliance regulator, <which I recommend> and you didn't mention your intent to install one, drill the orifice holes one size smaller then the stove top burners.

If your NOT installing an appliance regulator, drill the orifice hole one HALF or smaller then the size of one orifice on your stoves top burner. Then increase the hole size <<<one size at a time larger>>> after testing the flame size.

Without installing an appliance regulator, it's necessary to know what the houseline pressure is. {Houseline pressure can be set anywhere between 7 to 10 inches of water column} Then the correct drill bit size can be selected.

Without using an appliance regulator and not knowing the houseline pressure, it's trial and error. Best to start with a smaller hole and adjust upwards. If the hole is too large, the food will cook too quickly and the flames will burn yellow and soot up everything.

Keeping in mind this forum is open for all to read, others may want to convert their BBQ'S too. Therefore, in my opinion, posting exact drill bit sizes is not a good idea without knowing all the variables.

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