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How do you replace the springs and the hinge on a oven door? Is there any kind of diagram to do this on an oven?

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The oven door has to first be removed. Most just lift off once the door is partially opened. The other type has a lever on the door that first has to be lifted up then you will be able to lift and remove the door.

If the actual door hindge is broken, you will need to disassemble the complete door to access the hinge, remove the broken one and replace it with the new one.

{I suggest if you do this door hinge replacement, replace both hinges, since the door will already be disassembled anyway.} Law of averages say's the other one will go days later if you don't...:-(

To replace the springs, some ovens have access panels inside the broilers on the inside walls, while others you will need to remove the oven from the cabinet, if it's a built in.

If it's a free standing range, either of the above may also apply. You'll just need to check it out on your stove to see which applies.

Whatever you install, take a hint and do both hinges and springs so the door will close evenly. Unless you want to redo this knuckle busting, finger bruising job again.

Most are this difficult to do the first time for any novice. Which leaves two choices: Hire a pro or doityourself and you most likely will never again...hahaha

I do not know of an place on an oven where there is a diagram for this type of repair either.

Good Luck,

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