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My gas dryer has just started smelling a little "gassy" and it is seeping into the clothes a bit. I noticed this when I had a rather heavy load of towels in there. I'm thinking I need to clean out the vent, but I'm not sure what I need to do for a gas dryer...Of course, I know to unplug the dryer, but is there anything I need to do regarding the gas? I've seen that I'm upposed to shut off the gas valve, but where is this valve? Also, where do I start? Do I detach the white venting tube from the dryer? I also know I need to replace this. Is this something I can do myself?

Basically where should I start for the most efficient way to do this? Could this be why the dryer smells a little like gas? I haven't used any chemicals etc around the dryer.

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Your on the right track Chart.
The odor may be gas, mildew or a combination of both.

Slide the dryer out carefully, about one foot at a time, until you can access behind it. Do this slowly and look behind the dryer each foot it's moved outwards.

This is so you can see the gas flexible connector as it stretches out and you won't snap it, kink or bend it while it still has gas in it.

Look for a shut off valve on the gas pipe coming out the wall as you move the dryer outwards. You will also see the exhaust vent tube.

Once you can get behind it, shut off the gas valve, then with an adjustable wrench, unscrew the connector from the valve on the pipe. Then remove the vent tube from the dryer at the dryers back panel.

Once all this is done, find a way into the dryer and clean out all the lint. <<<Usually the dryer access is done by removing the front panel that has the door in it.>>>

Once that is done, put the front panel back on, connect a new vent tube, reconnect the gas flex line, turn on the gas valve and soap the fitting you just connected to check for leaks.

Leave the dryer as is for several hours checking back as often as needed and see if that smell returns. If it does, it's a gas odor and not a gassy odor left in the lint of the dryer and the old vent tubing. <<<This test is to determine if it's mold/mildew or gas.>>>

If it's a gas odor, the smell will return. In that case, reclose the gas valve and by all means contact the repair service company or call your natural gas utility company for a professional service.

Most gas companies service reps can fix minor external leaks on exposed fittings. Internal appliance leaks may require parts which may not be sold by your gas company.

Good Luck,
Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant.
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