Tappan Gas Range Knobs Freeze

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Before I get going on this one, I must say this site may become my homepage. I am TOTALLY impressed so far and know I have so many other very intersting topics to view. Thank you so much. I am so glad I discovered you!!!

I bought this old house 8 years ago and have lived with the existing range since then. A couple years after I moved in, the igniters stopped working and just before Thanksgiving in 1994, I had a tech come out and replace 2 heat resistant wire nuts, which fixed the problem. I could turn the burners on and they would light. A few months later that stopped again and I've been using a lighter ever since. The oven lights OK, along with the broiler, but the stove top burners need manual ignition. That's bad enough, but when I cook something in the oven, especially very hot or for a very long time, the front knobs become VERY hard to turn on or off. The first time this happened I just about freaked and was going to go outside and turn the gas off, but when the oven cooled a bit, the knobs turned again.

Any insight or comments on the state of this old range? Other than what I've mentioned, I'd hate to replace it because it cooks quite well, despite some of the questionable gastronomic delights we concooct.


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Hello once again John.

Glad you like the web site too! Write the owners about it. They'll be happy to hear it.

Now on with the stove problem.

Those valve knobs have cores which can be removed, greased and reinstalled. The gas valve behind the stove must be closed off to do this. The electric plug must also be removed from the wall socket.

You can call your local gas supplier and ask if they offer this service in your area. Your range repair person can do this also.
If your handy and careful, you could do this.

Good Luck,

BTW: What's the next gastronomic delight on the menu??? When will it be served? Be right over...HAHAHA


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