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The two front burners on my Kenmore gas range
were not working until last night, when I unclogged them. Now, however, the ignitor continues ticking even after the burner has fully ignited. This sporadically occurs when operating the two back burners. What do I do?
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If the stove is equiped with sparkers that turn off automatically, once the burner lights, they could be wet.

Auto shutoff sparkers work on resistance to voltage. The flame, once ignited, heats the sparker tip, which changes the voltage resistance and turns them off.

If these type get wet or the insulation the wire is rapped in gets wet, it acts as a heat sink.

If your stove has manual sparkers, the type you turn to the spark position to activate, then remove the knobs, lift the cover and use a hair dryer to dry out those white plastic or ceramic switches.

Good Luck,
Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant.

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