Intermittant operation of dryer

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I have a gas dryer that I moved recently and during the move the frontloading dryer was on it's side. The dryer worked fine before moving it. Now when I hit the start button, sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't start I can hear the motor humming as if it is getting resistance (i.e the drum is not turning, like the motor doesn't have enough power to start the rotation of the drum. I notice when I manually turn the drum a bit then try again the dryer will start. I am wondering if I may have caused a belt to move or bearrings to slip during the move. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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I should also include some information about the dryer. It is a Speed Queen Ultra-Mate. Frontloading, stacked on the frontloading washer. One unit both washer/dryer. I would also like a suggestion to how I can get in this thing. The sides are all one piece and the top seems to have various components attached to it. Should I go in from the front and remove the drum? Thanks again for any help.
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I suspect when the dryer was laid on it's side, the drum shifted.

Unplug the machine. Pull it away from the wall if needed. Remove the exhaust vent tube located at the back. Then remove the louvered cover around the vent. <Ususally this is a dark gray panel attached with screws.>

Once this panel is off, check to see if the belt is around all the pulley's. If not, put it around them. Verify that the belt is looped over each pulley so it rides squarely on the pulleys.

Next remove the front <door> panel to access the drum. If it's not sitting on all the front and rear rollers, set it on them.

Use your hand to rotate the drum and line up the belt exactly where it was if needed. <There should be light marks on the drum where the belt rides.>

Clean out all lint. <Lint is a fire hazard.>

Replace the front panel. <door>

Test the dryer. If all is fine. Great!
Replace the vent tube cover at the back. Connect the flexible vent tube. Your done!

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