Caloric Oven Cycles On/Off

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Our 25+ year old Caloric wall oven cycles on and off and will only reach a max of 250 degrees. The pilot light enlarges and stays big, but the burner lights and then turns off after a few minutes. Maybe a minute later the gas flows again and the burner lights for a minute or less. I know it's time for a new oven, but we want to make this one last until the renovation next year. Is there anything a technical guy like me can clean or adjust?
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Thanks for an accurate problem discription, pilot information and the stoves age.

From that I can tell you that your oven has an actuating pilot. That's the larger pilot your referring to. It heats a small tube called a 'fluid safety' element.

It's that small tube that may not be getting enough heat applied to it from the actuating pilot. Usually it's because the actuating pilot flame is restricted with dust.

To clear the dust, use compressed air in a can. <The type used to clean the computer keyboard will do fine.> Aim the air directly up the pilot tube and also blow air in the back side hole. Then relight the pilot. Try the oven and note the results.

Another problem may be a weak fluid safety element. Most are a part that screws directly in to the gas valve.

While others are part of the electricial system. If the tube is attached to a silver dollar sized part and that part is attached with 2 screws, it's a 'flame switch'.

Use CAUTION removing a flame switch. Unplug the stove first. There will be two wires attached to the back side of the flame switch.

Any oven part you purchase to correct this type problem is NOT refundable.

Prior to removing or replacing any part, try cleaning the pilot. If that does not solve this problem, call your gas utility and see if they offer a free in home service. Ask the service person what part is causing the problem if he/she cannot correct it with cleaning or minor adjustments.

Good Luck,
Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant

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