Kenmore Gas Dryer & Rust

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The dryer is about 13-14 y old. I've made a few repairs over the years to keep it running. But lately there are two items that are bothering me.
1. is that it doesn't dry the clothes as well as it used to. It has a moisture sensor in it but even with this sensor the cycle still ends before the clothers are dry.
Secondly, and MOST troubling is that the dryer is somehow putting rust spots all over whatever goes into the drum. I have checked the washer and dryer. Clothes go into and out of the washer fine. They go into the dryer rust-less and come out with the rust spots. I know they are rust becuz I have successfully used a fabric rust remover on them. I have inspected the drum, yea the porcelein is worn in a few places but there is no visable rust on the inside of the drum. Where could it be coming from and is there a reasonable fix?
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With all that moisture in the drum when the clothes are first beginning to dry, that rust could be coming from any where.

Most likely from the drum. To find out where, you'll need to remove the drum and inspect it.

In regards to the lack of drying time wise, it could be the sensor. However, check the exhaust vent for restrictions first.

This machine sounds like it is just too worn out to be replacing parts. Especially if the drum is rusted. Not exactly what you wanted to hear but it may have reached the end of it's serviceability life span.

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