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Hi..We're hoping you can help us. We have a Weil McLain furnace with a Milli-Volt pilot light. We cannot get the pilot light to light. Nor can we afford a contractor right now. Do you have any suggestions please? It's really getting cold here!!!
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By your description it sounds like you can't get any flame at all to the pilot when you press down the pilot button on the gas valve. If this is the case, the pilot burner is probably dirty. This will have to be removed and cleaned to ensure all the little holes and gas supply opening to the pilot burner are free from dirt. I'm not sure how much you know about gas appliances, but try the simple things first before attemting to dismantle anything. Is the gas turned on to the unit? Are you using the correct procedure to light the pilot light? It is unusual to get absolutely no flame at all to the pilot burner. If the burner is dirty, you can usually get some kind of flame although it might not be enough to keep the heat sensor satisfied. Don't know if this helps but good luck. Post back with anymore details that might help us help you.
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Hi:cindy & dave

Some much older furnaces have a separate shutoff valve for the pilot gas. Follow the pilot gas tube backwards from the pilot assembly to check if your furnace has one.

Be sure the gas is turned on at the main supply pipe extending from the wall. Check the control setting on the furnace gas valve too. Be sure it's in the PILOT position while pushing it down.

Who turned the pilot off? Maybe you can contact that person to relite it and show you how.

You might ask the gas utility if they offer free pilot lighting. Some natural gas companies have this service.

Maybe contact a neighbor who has the same type furnace? A parent or friend? Just tossing out some possible solutions here.

If the pilot flame is lited and the flame goes out after holding down the control for a minute or more, the thermocouple may need to be replaced.

Post back more detailed information and we may be able to help you more.

Good Luck,

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