Maytag gas oven burner won't light!!

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Hello! I have a Maytag gas oven model LCRG 350, serial # 500092TL, series # 07 Z21.1B-1984. The oven burner will not ignite. From reading through the archives, I've seen similar problems from other people. From reading through other people's similar problems, the thermostat, the pilot light system, and the safety valve are often the problematic areas in this situation. The pilot is a electric spark type unit, and seems to work well. The pilot light comes on almost immediately and burns strong and blue. The burner won't light however. The stove top burners work well. I replaced the ignition control module when nothing at all would work about two years ago. In addition, even when the oven was relatively new, the oven temperatures have been erratic. You could set the oven at 350 when preheating, but the actual temperatures would almost always be much higher according to my oven thermometer (which I know aren't 100% reliable). On occasion, the oven wouldn't get hot enough, but more often than not, it would be hotter than the setting that I selected. It's made baking a real challange over the years!! I just noticed while checking on my latest problem, that the oven temp. sensor (I think that's what it's called!!!!), the skinny metallic rod in the top, back portion of the oven itself, was corroded looking with "baked on" deposits. I cleaned it to a shiny appearance with steel wool. Well, I've rambled on long enough I guess!! I would certainly appreciate any help that you could provide!! If you've got parts for sale available, I'd be thankful for a price list if possible. I think that this site is absolutely wonderful and that you guys do a superb job answering questions!!! Thank you so very much!!!
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quote:<HR>Originally posted by
Hello! The pilot light comes on almost immediately and burns strong and blue. <HR>

Really a pilot ?flame? ..... or a glow bar system for the oven?

Often a weak glow bar can stop the gas valve from opening, give temp problems or even quit cooking 1/2 way through.


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Your oven problem discription is great.
The oven most likely has a flame switch safety element. If not, it's a fluid safety.

That's the tiny tube part that sits above the pilot and the pilot has to heat it up to turn the oven on.

The flame switch has a main part about the size of a half dollar, is silver in color and is held in place with two small screws and is attached to the oven interior rear wall. Removing the screws, then pull out the main body of the flame switch. There you'll find two electric wires attached to it.

Replacing that element should correct the oven burner not comming on problem. Be sure to unplug the stove before attempting the repair if your doing this.

Regarding oven temperature control, that tube in the oven compartment is the sensor as you mentioned. Cleaning it may help but it's doubtful.

What would be needed is a calibration of the thermostat. Not a job for any appliance owner. This proceedure has to be done by an appliance service rep. See the archives for more information on this topic.

Good Luck,


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