kenmore gas range top burner won't light after tripped breaker


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kenmore gas range top burner won't light after tripped breaker

My 5 year-old Kenmore range 362.72321 now acts weird after wife tripped the circuit breaker by turning on 3 demanding electronic appliances at one time.
The range does have power since the clock works fine and the light in oven turns on fine. Also, the oven heats up perfectly. However, I could not get the top burners(all 4) light up by turning the knob to lite position. There is no clicking sound like it was before. I could use a lighter to get the fire and it works fine which means the gas goes to each burner without problem.
Is it possible the spark module is fried at the surge? I still can't figure out if there are two different spark modules for oven and top burner?
please help..

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I have the exact same problem on my GE. I was doing a self cleaning and the wife plugged in a vacuum and the breaker tripped. I reset breaker let oven cool down and now the top burners will not ignite. No clicking sound but plenty of gas. I can light them with a match. The oven works just fine. Is it an ignitor problem?
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Hello Kramer1979 and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and to the Gas Appliances topic.

Hello Jason. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic.

In both instances, I highly doubt an power surge created the current conditions. Possible but not likely.

Because the same would result if the appliance was plugged into an outlet already powered. One does not turn off a breaker first, plug in the stove into an outlet and then turn the power at a breaker switch on.

In both appliances there may be a spark module fuse. Located directly under a cover over the spark module. Might look for that. Be sure electrical power is off or appliance unplugged from wall outlet power source.

That fuse, if there is one is not just any 5 volt fuse. It's a special appliance fuse only available an appliance parts store and specifically made for that exact appliance. Suggestion. If there is a fuse buy it at a local retail appliance parts store only. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Dealers and appliances parts stores are listed in the phone book.

Possible the spark module is defective. Can be or should be able to be tested at the local retail appliance parts store. Some parts store will due a test while others may not. Ask.

If either appliance has an electronic circuit board, may be a fuse there. Look for one on the board. May be a fired part and needs to rereplaced........

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So after replacing the spark module the ignitors are still not working I had to dig a little further. Turns out, the power supply that comes into the range from the house outlet has been pinched between 2 metal panels. I am guessing it was pinched in from the factory and the self cleaning I did melted the wire enough to cause the wire to ground out and making my breaker trip. I actually had to splice the wire back together. Everything works as designed now. I am glad I found this now and not when my house burned down! I guess in the future I will do the first self cleaning while the range is still under warranty.
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