No Gas to burner on Thermador GPS364GL

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No Gas to burner on Thermador GPS364GL

I have been searching online for a solution to this problem. It appears that the part I need (or think I need) has been discontinued. Before I give up completely, I would like your opinion if I am correct in my assumption.

The back burner on my thermador Professional Cooktop, GPS364GL does not light. The ignitor sparks and all the other burners work correctly. It does not light with a match. There is no gas odor at all. I have blown compressed air into the hole at the bottom (below the burner cap, thru the venturi) while the other burners are lit and had the air blow thru those flames (does that make sense?) That led me to believe the tubing was not obstructed.

Which brings me to my suspicion that it's the valve itself that is bad (the part behind the on/off knob). I believe it is Thermador part 15-10-160L OR 15-10-031. However these parts have been discontinued. I have read elsewhere that some of these valves become corroded and can be monkeyed with so that they work again. I have also read that there is something called a Potentiometer that can go bad, but I don't know what that is (part number 20-01-872, also discontinued)

Is there any hope for me to get this burner working? Any other tricks up your sleeve for me to try?

I was unable to get the venturi plug out and am pretty much unwilling to attempt to drill it out. I have my limits as a diy-er!
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Hello jenmenke. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic.

Searching online will not obtain the results wanted, as you're finding out and sad to say. Reason is, on line merchants market currently available and commonly sold parts. Not solutions to replace existing obsolete parts.

Since the potentiometer gas valve is no longer available, I do not suggest any tampering with it nor any type of modifications to it. Far to dangerous or risky to have any such part not leak and or cause a possible fire, etc.

Best solution, bring make, model and serial number with defective valve in hand to local appliance parts stores and obtain a non potentiometer gas valve exactly like the others on that stove.

The valve should simply screws out of the gas supply manifold pipe. Turn off gas to appliance first. If all else fails and no standard gas valve like any of the other ones on that stove is able to replace the defective one, use a 1/4 inch pipe plug to plug up the outlet hole in the manifold pipe.

The stove will then just have one less burner but be safe to use knowing the defective valve will not leak, become further damaged nor any usage of it attempted. Which may cause valve to open but not be able to be turned off......

IMO: On line shopping does not offer any technical skills advice or appliance service and repair knowledge nor field service expertise appliance service reps use when called upon to resolve appliance service problems nor any improvised solutions to resolve problems..... nor any common sense solutions.....

Cautionary Advice: Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs or services. Always check for gas leaks whenever moving the appliance and/or a service or repair includes any connection of a gas part.

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thanks for the info. I will see about calling around. I probably won't because I just don't have the time to do that. it's too bad there is no online source. Seems like a perfect venue for obsolete parts.

Thanks again!
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More than likely the valve is plugged up with crud and will probably work if it can be cleaned out.

I don't know what you mean by a venturi plug (?).

Finding someone to come out and clean the valve might be problematic. You might run into several people who might not want to disassemble such a valve ---- they often have a bunch of little parts in them.

You might consider the following----

Turn the gas off to the range. Remove the failed valve. Usually a 1/8" or perhaps 1/4" iron pipe plug will fit in the hole left by removing the valve, capping it off. Get both at a hardware store and use the correct one, apply some pipe thread sealent of teflon tape to the threads.

Now you can use the range again. Inspect the gas valve yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if you will see a plug of something in the valve you can remove yourself.

If you can't solve the problem yourself, take the valve around to however many service agencies needed to find someone willing to clean it for you. No charge until you find that person.

Give that a try and see what happens.

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