Hooking up 2 Dryers


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Hooking up 2 Dryers

I am about to move and I have a dryer of my own. My new landlord gave us permission to use the basement and to hook up our dryer. Problem is that she already has her own dryer hooked up to the gas line. I was wondering if there was a way to split the gas line with a valve (or something similar) that would give me a similar result as this would do for a water line. And if there is, how would I go about doing so.
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Gas Dryer?

If it is gas dryer the answer is NO...do not use water fittings on gas. You will blow up the house if you do.
Why can't you just unhook her dryer and use yours?
Working with natural gas and or propane is very dangerous if not done right. May want to call gas company if you absolutely have to have two dryers sitting side by side.
By all means DO NOT use what you had pictured there.
Gas fittings have to be airtight and not leak. Even a small leak can prove deadly.
Holy Crap!
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You misunderstood me. I didn't mean to use exactly what I pictured there, but rather one designed specifically for gas fittings. I just didn't find a picture for it. If there is no way then I would have no choice than to do the whole switching the lines things, but the problem with that is that if I am using mine and my landlord wants to use hers then she can't, and I don't want to cause trouble.

BTW, I would NEVER use a water fitting on a gas fitting, I had a cousin to that with his stove and he had to reimburse his landlord for the entire building when it went up in flames... even then I thought his move was rather idiotic.

I meant to use something like these, it just took me a little to find a picture of one.
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Hello brotherbeast. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic....

Using an approved double "Y" gas adapter, as pictured in your second post below is acceptable. Be sure there are no leaks after final assembly.

Problem you will have is venting. Cannot vent two dryers into the same vent. Each dryer must have it's own separate venting system or one dryer will vent into the other....

Worse yet, both dryers on at the same time will exceed the exhaust air flow capacity of the venting system. Causing the dryer(s) to automatically shut down as a result of over heating..... Best to vent each separately.

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs or services. Always check for gas leaks whenever moving the appliance and/or a service or repair includes any connection of a gas part.

Additional Gas Dryer Information and Advice Link: HERE:

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