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Safety Reminder:

This forum, like all forums, is open for all to post.
However, in my opinion, in this appliance forum, and some other forums, there is always the need for cautionary notes.

Gas appliances, of any type, whether it uses propane or natural gas, can be hazardous, if not operating or repaired correctly. The danger of fire, explosion or carbon monoxide is always present.

Therefore, in my opinion, anyone posting in the appliance forums, should always take into consideration what they post. There isn't any way of knowing what the skill level is of those asking questions.

With some gas appliances, like furnaces, there locations may be unsafe for some to access. <Roof mount furnaces are one example.>

Heaters can also be hazardous because there is houseline current <120> and those with A/C having 240 volts of current.

Cautions regarding the disconnection of electrical power should always be mentioned, in my opinion.

Thus far, in my opinion, all postings in this forum have been satisfactory.


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yeah, there's nothing like an overconfident DIYer blowing themselves up with advice solicited over the Internet...*G*

Thanks Tom....I'm new here but routinely post on the newsgroups and answer a lot of complex questions about racing engines and car restorations...

I'll remember to keep it simple and suggest a professionals input when the solution may endanger the poster...

Like walking on slippery wood roofs in winter...hehehe
Really, it was only a 3/12 and I really didn't fall off the edge in the dark..*G*

Thanks for the heads up..

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Also to shut off the supply of gas to the unit before working on it. Extinguish sources of flame which can be problematic and cause burns/fire.

Keep all sources of ignition and flame far away.

If you suspect a gas leak, leave the area and phone the gas company from a neighbor's home. The spark generated by a telephone can cause a problem. If on a cordless, go outside and make the call at minimum.


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