Lennox Furnace Ignitor gone bad?

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I have a lennox furnace in the home I purchased this summer. The furnace and the AC are basically working fine. My problem is in the pilot I suppose. After the funace decides that it is going to kick on, the electric starter clicks and releases the gas and ignites it. What is happening is that it lights on the first try, but the ignitor keeps trying to relite the burners. I will do that maybe 25-50 times during the heating cycle with is usually about 10-20 min. depending on the desired temp. It is very annoying as the sound reverberates throughout the entire house thru the ducts and wakes up us and the kids.
If I had to guess, and my ignorance only allows that much, there is a sensor that tells the furnace that it is lit and that is not working properly. The furnace seems to be unsure whether it is lit or not. PLEASE HELP>>>
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Your very close to correct on the cause. The element being heated by the pilot flame is called a prover. This element signals the control module to open the gas valve and allow gas to flow to the burners.

What you might try is cleaning that element. You may be able to simply clean it without removal, if not try this:
First, disconnect the electrical power.
Then carefully loosen the screws at the holding bracket on the pilot assembly as needed. Once that's done, lightly clean any debris off the surface of the prover element. <You can use a piece of steel wool but rub GENTLY.>
Reinstall the element as found.

If you had to remove the element for cleaning, while you have the power off, also check for any loose or dirty wire terminal ends on the gas valve, module, etc.

Cleaning the prover may or may not solve the problem but it's worth the try. The module or another item may be defective. Those electrical items are best left to the heating agents to diagnose and replace.

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