Gas (Dryer) not heating.


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Gas (Dryer) not heating.

Kitchenaid kitchenaid kgys 850

I already went and replaced the flat ignitor......that was a quite the hassle since this is one without an access panel, so had to take the whole front off.....anyway, the old one was not broken, but replaced it anyway.....any ideas on the next action?? Luckily I do have a Sears service close by...could it be the sensor on the side?? or the whole gas ignition piece....just want to try the next step! Thanks

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Hello robby1824. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic.

I'm at a real loss here. Not enough specific information nor details as to why you replaced the hot surface igniter. (HSI) Was it glowing? Not glowing? HSI Not broken but replaced it anyway? WHY?

Sensor on the side?? Question: On the side of what? On the side where?
"Or the gas ignition piece." You mean the HSI? (Hot Surface Igniter)

We cannot try the next step without knowing what the original problem description was and described in full details and specifics. Have to start at the beginning before proceeding forward. Kindly use the reply button and provide the information requested so we can better offer some possible causes and solutions.

Retail parts dealers and appliances parts stores can also help determine what the possible problem may be based upon that specific brand and model. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Dealers and appliances parts stores are listed in the phone book.

Additional Suggestions:
Read the manufacturers on line web site for product information, problem possibilities, causes, solving methods, part locations, disassembly, reassembly methods, repair procedures, pictorials, schematics, repair and or owners manuals which may be available on line.

Cautionary Reminder Note:
Before attempting any cleaning or repairs, be sure to unplug the appliance from the wall receptacle power source first.

Read The Sticky Advice And Information Note In This Topic: Gas Dryer Information and Advice Link: here:

BTW: The title of the post should describe the problem. Not the brand, make or model. Those should be included into the text body of the post. I'll edit the title to include what the problem is, best as I can determine it to be.

Removed the incorrect link above and replaced it with the Correct link to dryer sticky note added now that we know the appliance isn't an oven.... Appliance ia a dryer!.

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it is actually a gas dryer....I had the ignitor go out years ago on a dryer, and that was the fix...this time, no luck with it....bottom line, the gas line come into a "regulator" or something like that...then to the nozzle, that is ignited by the glow stick....that is pretty much can look at the schematic

on the outside of the housing that is around the flame and ignitor, is a sensor that has a blue and white wire going to disconnect it to install ingnitor. BTW, just because the ignitor is not broken, does not mean that it is working....the problem is usually internal with it.
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