noisy Maytag DG-512 dryer / how do I open it?

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I've got a noisy Maytag DG-512 dryer (about 11 years old) that I'm trying to get open. I removed that little panel in the back and can see the motor and the belt. I removed the belt and the noise is still there. So I'm assuming the problem is a motor bearing or the fan on the other end of the motor shaft. It sounds like the fan could be flopping around on the shaft? Anyways, how do I get this thing opened so I can get to the motor/fan?

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I made a posting with the information your requesting to Bob_Monti dated 01/01/01.

The information I posted for him to get into his dryer should also work for you. Check it out.
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I did see that post, but wasn't sure if it also applied to my dryer. Thanks...
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Just wanted to post what I found: Never did find any clips to open the thing. I did find two screws near the bottom of the front panel. I removed those, the bottom of the front panel swung out and then the whole panel came off. Found two screws just inside pointing up that held the top on. Removed those and the now I've got the top off. Removed four screws (two on each side) that holds the front drum support. That bracket and the drum came out easy.

My problem was a rumbling, grumbling sound (and the dryer didn't dry as fast as it used to, even after cleaning out the lint from the ducting). It turned out (after removing the front of the fan/duct assembly) that the fan was loose on the motor shaft and wobbling around as the motor ran. The motor shaft has a flat part that lines up with a matching flat part in the plastic fan where the shaft slides into it. The flat part in the fan wore out 'til it started slipping on the shaft. A local appliance service store had the fan in stock for $27 and I also bought a new belt for $19. I'll install both tonight and life should once again be good.


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