GE Spectra XL44 Temp issues


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GE Spectra XL44 Temp issues

I have a gas oven listed in title that does not heat up properly. Set at 350 is gets to about 250 and set at 400 it gets to about 350, so it is not a linear easy to correct by adding some number to all cooking temps. It also gets progressively cooler after preheating. I have looked to see that the gasket and all parts visually seem to be in good condition , but have not really taken anything apart. Is there some troubleshooting I could do to identify the malfunction and subsequently fix it? We have only lived in this house 3 weeks, so I am unsure how long the problem has existed.
Thank you.

And now it has an "F3" code which came on while it was in clean mode...

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I have removed the temperature sensor and it reads 1085 ohms.
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The problem description most likely indicates that the thermostat is worn out from time and age. If this is the case, the only solution is to have the thermostat replaced with a new one. Ovens that cannot maintain a set temp or are 50 degrees above or below the set temp are usually caused by thermostats that are defective.

The one item you can check is the capillary tube. That's the heat sensing tube located in the oven compartment. It should be suspended by 2 clips, not bent or damage and not touching anything except the 2 clips.

When an oven fails to maintain the desired set temperature, before any parts are replaced, I suggest you have the thermostat checked for calibration. If the thermostat needs a recalibration, this is NOT a do-it-yourself task/project.

Special tools, training, practice, procedure and experience are needed along with the proper technique and adjustments made in the correct sequence in order to successfully accomplish the task.

Done incorrectly, as a do-it-yourself task, can ruin an otherwise good thermostat that only needed an adjustment...

I highly suggest you either contact the gas utility company and inquire if they perform this oven calibration service. If they do not provide this service, contact the local appliance service dealer listed in the phone book.

Read The Sticky Advice And Information Note In This Topic: Range-Stove-Oven-Broiler Basic Help Information & Manufacturers Web Sites.

Use the reply button to add additional information or questions. Using the reply button keeps or moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically and keeps all communications on this subject in this thread.

Electric-Gas Oven-Ranges-Stoves Fault Codes:

General Electric-Hotpoint-RCA: Oven Fault Codes:

Appliance Fault Codes

Oven Fault Codes

F0 & F1 Failed Thermistor Control Replace ERC
F2 Oven Temp Exceeds 590 with unlocked door High resistance in Sensor, likely a bad sensor
F3 Open Sensor circuit Open (blown) sensor fuse or bad Sensor
F4 Shorted wire or Sensor locate short and correct it
F7-A Function pad button stuck clean and un stick
F7-B Bad Clock Replace Clock
F8 Electrical component failure Replace ERC
F9 Program with door circuit Check wiring
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