gas dryer will not ignite or heat

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i have a whirlpool gas dryer on lp gas that is approx. 11 years old. the heating element will not ignite. i have replaced the igniter, but it still does not work. i put a continuity tester on the wires leading to the heating and ignition apparatis and i got no power going to the unit, but the moter and timers work. i went on whirlpool web site and they gave me 7 possible causes. what can i do to avoid buying 7 parts to find the cause of the problem? HELP!!!!
The model # is LGP6646AWO
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Originally posted by vnetfree
i went on whirlpool web site and they gave me 7 possible causes. what can i do to avoid buying 7 parts to find the cause of the problem?

Diagnose rather than just change parts. Some things that can stop the glow coil from working:
- the glow bar
- the glow bar holder
- the gas flame sensor
- one of the gas valve coils
- themrostats
and a few I can't remember right now...

These pages should help you find the trouble maker..

Hope this helps,
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Lightbulb Timer/Solenoid


Jeff offered you some good advice. I would like to further help you here. I suggest you run a few tests first.

First, unplug the dryer then remove the glow coil. Connect your tester to the leads suppling power to the coil. Rotate the timer from the off position slowly to the timed dry selection. The tester should show a connection if the timer is working.

The timers internal contacts may not be functioning even though the timer does automatically rotate. You can also trace the wires, by color codes on some modlels, from the timer to the coil and to the solenoids.

If this is possible, you can test the timer. Attach the tester to the wires on the timer and verify if the timers internal contacts are closed when it's in the timed position. If not, POUF! you found the problem!

There will also be wires from the timer going to one solenoid. The timer activates the glow coil and one solenoid. If the coil shows no continuity, test for it at one of the coils with the timer in the timed selection.

Should one solenoid not get continuity from the timer, POUF! you found the problem.

HINT: Solenoids come packaged as a pair and should also be replaced in pairs.

Suggestion: If your unable to locate the problem, remove the whole gas valve assembly, take it to the appliance parts store and have it tested to determine which part or parts are defective.

TIP: More doityourself help info is available in the archives of this forum.

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