New 2-Burner LPG Stove Stopped Working On 2nd Tank - Please Help!


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New 2-Burner LPG Stove Stopped Working On 2nd Tank - Please Help!

I bought a new 2-burner stove (12,000 and 15,000 BTU) last Christmas. It included a 5' hose and a high pressure regulator. I bough a 20lb LPG tank from our corner Mobil gas station. I connected everything myself. The tank lasted for 5 weeks.

I got a new tank (exchanged the empty with a full tank). After connecting everything back, there is no flame coming out. I cannot even smell the propane. The auto-igniter of the stove is working. When I turn on the tank, I can feel the pressure of the gas. The tank is full judging by the weight. So, is it the regulator?

Please help. What should I do?
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I have run into that occasionally with the new OPD valves. One of the new safety features is that you cannot simply open the knob on the tank and have the gas escape. A device must be completely screwed into the tank's valve to open the outlet safety valve. I guess because of manufacturing tolerances I have one tank & one stove that does exactly what you describe. The stove works with my other tanks but one reliably causes problems. I can get it to produce a little bit of gas if I tighten the snot out of the regulator onto the tank but not enough for full heat from the burners. I talked to my propane company and they too have seen it happen occasionally.

Try your stove with a different tank and if it works I would exchange out your problem one.
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Hello aac11 and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and the Gas Appliances topic.

Several possible causes that need to be checked. Inside the fuel tank is or may be a shut of valve pin. May not be opening. Same applies to the regulator end of the flex hose. Try these test steps.

Be sure there is no source of ignition in the surrounding area first. Then disconnect fuel hose from supply tank. Slightly open valve on the supply tank to test if propane gas is in fact coming out of the tank. Might be a defective valve on tank.

If fuel gas does come out of the tank, connect flex line to tank and test again. Possible the regulators internal pin is not opening once connected to supply tank. If that is the case, you have located the source of the problem.

Idea here is to test fuel flow and/or where the fuel stoppage or blockage is and correct the problem(s) if any are found. If fuel does flow from supply tank, problem may be a stuck shut internal valve inside regulator end. Some light weight oil on internal valve seat can be used. A drop or two is okay. Any type of oil that is handy or available is okay too.

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