Gas water heater...not so well

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My 10 year-old gas water heater doesn't do the job any more. For a bath I could count on hot water during the entire fill-up. Now the water from the becomes cool 1/2 of the way through. I increased the temperature setting on the water heater. Now before full, the the last bit of water is luke warm.

I can crank up the temperature to max/"very hot", and hope for enough hot water. However, the heater appears to be "heading south" fast. Suggestions?

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Hi: Homeinept

Sorry to know your gas water heater isn't so well anymore.
Considering it's age and prior years of faithful service, most likely it's useful life expectancy is just about gone.

For all intensive purposes, most water heaters last only about ten years, dispite claims to the contrary. Unless you have it in written waranty, don't believe otherwise.

You can attempt to revive some life into it with a flushing, but don't expect this to help much nor for very long. It's most likely a band-aid remedy at best but worth a try.

Instuctions for flushing can be found within the archives of this forum and that of the plumbing forum.

Many others whom post in this forum and other forums on this topic, may suggest alternate solutions. You may give any of them a try, however, don't bet on resolving the problem in that manner.

I would suggest you consider the cold water facts and begin shopping around for a replacement water heater.
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I would sure try flushing before replacement. It may take several flushes, and turn the cold water back on after first flush to stir up some more sediment that doesn't drain on first flush.

You might also want to pull the dip tube and make sure you have not lost part of it, which would definitely decrease your available hot water also.

Here is a picture that might help:

My 40 gallon gas water heater was installed in 1979 (you do the math), and I may replace it with a bigger one this year, only because my 16 year old likes to take 45 min showers, and I don't always beat him to the shower. All I have done is drain sediment 2X per year and clean the burner chamber 1X/yr , but we have pretty good quality (soft) water also.


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