gas oven prob: both igniters glow but don't fire up


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gas oven prob: both igniters glow but don't fire up

I have been researching for hours and it helped get me down the road to fixing my oven's problem, but I'm not there yet, so please forgive me if I missed the answer to my problem.

we have a low end amana oven that has worked great for 10 years. the oven just stopped. we rarely use the broiler (so the igniter is not that used).

both igniters will glow a pretty bright orange but won't light.

could it still be one of the igniters (likely the bake)? I read that they are connected somehow and if one is bad it can affect the other. but then I've also read people who have the bake fail but the broil will fire up.

it could be the valve I know, but that is rare.

what about the thermostat/probe? is there a way to test? can anyone provide the specs? its for an Amana ARG7300W

What about a fuse?

any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Welcome to the forums.

No.... it's not a fuse, the thermostat or the bake probe. It's more than likely the igniter.

The igniter is in series with the gas valve. It must glow white hot in order to open the gas valve. I'd recommend changing it first.

That looks like a Whirlpool part # 31940001 igniter. You can verify by visual inspection. You will re-use your old mounting bracket. I can tell you that this igniter is EXTREMELY fragile and will break easily.

Amana Range/Stove/ Oven Igniter 31940001 Repair Clinic

You can also check with your local appliance parts retailer for replacement help.
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I never saw how hot the igniters got so I've nothing to compare it to. They definitely don't get white hot.

But does it make sense that both seem to be failing? Both features worked very recently.

Is it possible that a bad bake igniter would cause the broil igniter to not work properly? Or vice versa?

Thanks for your time and help!
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I had an oven in which the ignitors were good for only 5-7 years. At first the oven would light intermittently or take longer to light until eventually the ignitors would glow a dull orange but the gas would never turn on. At first, as a test I would hold a torch (my wife's caramelizing butane kitchen torch) on the glowing ignitor which allowed the oven to light and confirmed that the ignitor was in fact the culprit. Replacing them resolved the problem. At 10 years I'd just replace the ignitors and not bother playing with the torch unless you're bored and want to experiment.

Have you tried just igniting the broiler? Does it light? It might be that powering both ignitors is drawing enough current to exasperate the failing ignitors.
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