Gas cooktop replacement


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Gas cooktop replacement

My house came with a JGP630SEK2SS GE 36 inch gas cooktop and it broke 3 weeks ago. I ordered a new one from Lowes trying to get the exact same model or at least the closest possible. They had the GE JGP633SETSS 36in looks identical except the knobs are silver.

Quoted installation is about $350: installation labor $189 + permit fee?? + gas hose.

I am fairly handy, done many projects but this is the first time doing a gas cooktop and everyone one i talk to is saying not to do it myself and pay the pros. I already have everything disconnected and the only thing is the gas line + pressure regulator. I was planning on disconnecting everything from the existing cooktop and hook it back to the new one. I've done plenty research and process seems extremely straight forward. Home is in NVA, is liquid propane, and stove have a regulator on it, seems to be made for natural gas.

Need some advice before paying lowes or installing myself: Is this one of those things i should just spend the money? If I can do it myself, do I need to buy new pressure regulator and hoses? is this illegal in North VA?
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is this illegal in North VA?
I don't know. If it is, I wouldn't agree with that.
Do not use any parts from the old cook top.
You don't need a pro to do this. It's fairly straightforward. I know you already disconnected the old one, but I will go through the steps:

Turn off gas valve, should be accessible under cook top.
Remove flex line, remove cook top.
To install new cook top:
Install new pressure regulator (comes with new top). Use pipe dope and note direction of flow, flow direction is marked on regulator. Arrow indicating flow needs to point towards cook top inlet. Do not over tighten as to not crack regulator housing.

Purchase a new flex line. Install 1/2" NPT adapter to regulator input. Just follow how old one was installed. Again using high quality pipe dope on male threads.

Instructions will explain how to switch regulator for propane, it comes default adjusted for natural gas. If you run into problems switching regulator, STOP and post back.

Once regulator is switched and flex line installed you will need to swap out the orifices for propane.

Instructions are included in the bag that holds orifices. You may need some special nut drivers and a magnifying glass to identify the orifices. Only swap out one orifice at a time, ensuring the natural gas one you remove is being replaced with the correct propane orifice. Be careful not to drop orifices inside cook top, you will have to disassemble cook top to retrieve them.
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I think that you can do it yourself. If you get stuck, you can still call someone.
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Here are the instructions for conversion. Starts on page 13. If there's anything you don't understand, post back.

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