Hooking up gas range


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Hooking up gas range

Just moved and attempting to hook up a gas range. First time attempting something of this nature and I'm not sure which part of the gas line it should hook into. Should I detach the end cap and put it in there or attach to the midsection where the valve is?

Thanks in advance!

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It gets attached at the end of the pipe. Then turn the valve 1/4 turn.
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Remove the cap and attach there. You will need an adaptor between the pipe and flex line to the range; they often come with the flex line. Make sure to clean the threads well and remove any paint and old pipe dope. You will need a sealant, either yellow Teflon tape (not white) or something like Rectorseal. After you turn the gas on at the valve, check for leaks at all the joints with a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent; wipe it on the joint and look for bubbles.
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I strongly suggest that you replace the valve with a new AGA (American Gas Association) listed valve. Those old plugcocks are prone to leakage.
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Hello preout. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Compliments for mentioning never having done this type of work before. Knowing that helps us to better provide you with safe and sound DIY advice.

Yes. It's true the old style shut off valve needs to be or should be replaced. But be fore warned the valve cannot be removed before the entire gas supply to the house is turned off! Failure to due so will result in gas coming out uncontrolled. Not a safe procedure for any DIY situation.

Since you're unfamiliar with gas work, might be best to either leave the valve installed, not the best situation, or find someone whom has safely done this type of work before and is familiar with both turning the gas off and then turning it back on then relighting any other gas appliances in the system.

Your choice. Be safe.
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Thanks so much for the info. I'm a renter, working with a difficult landlord (my stay here won't be too long) so I doubt I'll be able to get them to replace the valve.
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If you purchased the new range from a major retailer, call them and ask about installation. It's usually not that much, they profit from sales. They won't swap out the valve, but at least you know you have a safe install.
If they charge too much, remind them you purchased your appliance there and are at liberty to return it at their expense. I would say $75 would be a fair price for install, plus the cost of a flex line.

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