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I just bought a house and for the first time I have gas hot water. The house was a VA home so I had no one to ask how to light the pilot and no instructions are w/ the heater. What is the correct procedure to re-light the pilot?
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Hello and Welcome kdbyrd to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliance forum.

The correct proceedure is to use extreme caution first.
Should there be a delayed ignition with your face looking into the firebox, it would be equal to looking down the barrel of a shotgun. Use extreme caution at all times.

Now that I have the safety warning typed above, be sure the water is turn on by checking at the faucets in sinks.

Then remove the front decorative cover. Then remove the inner firebox metal cover. Then from a distance of two feet away, pear into the inspection window from which you just removed the metal cover from.

What your looking for is a pilot flame. You can tell prior, if there is a pilot flame, if the metal cover was warm or hot. If it was cold, and you didn't see a pilot flame after removing it, for safety, turn the selector knob to the "OFF" position anyway, then wait 5 minutes.

Then turn the selector control knob on top of the gas valve to the "pilot" position. Depress the "RED" button to the left of the selector knob and lite the pilot flame. {The place to lite the pilot will be at the assembly that is very near to the round burner.}

After the pilot lites, continue to hold that "RED" button down for 60 seconds, then release it. The pilot flame should remain "ON."

If it does, replace the inner metal firebox cover and stand back at arms length. Turn the selector knob to the "ON" position and the burner should lite up.

Replace the outer decorative cover and wait at least one hour for the water to heat up.

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