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I recently purchased a older comstock castle gas stove,and
am having a problem with the pilot light and thermocouple.
the pilot will light and will stay on,and the burner will light,but after the oven comes up to temp, the pilot light will go out,i then relight the pilot light and it will stay on,as long as i do not turn the oven on.

the flame from the pilot is yellow and flickers as if a breeze was blowing on it.can you advise me how to adjust the pilot flame ? any help greatly appr
thanks dwain
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Hello dwain and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliance forum.

If the pilot flame is as you discribed, an adjustment may not be needed. A cleaning should be done first.

To clean the pilot, first turn off the gas. Then use a pipe cleaner. <Yes! An old fashion pipe cleaner used to clean a smoking pipe works perfectly.> Insert the pipe cleaner into the pilot flames exit hole carefully and fully.

It often helps to rotate the pipe cleaner while inserting it. Once it's up all the way, twist it and pull it out. Repeat as needed.

Then look for and locate the hole or holes <usually two> near the rear of the pilot assembly. Insert the pipe cleaner into and through those holes until they protrude out the opposite side.

May have to look very closely to see the holes but they are there. May be found either in the tube or drilled into the pilot tube nut.

Then curve the pipe cleaner, as needed, so it can be inserted into one of those holes and pushed down and through until it comes out of the pilot flames exit hole.

If you have a piece of small diameter hose <like a fuel line hose found on a lawn mower or auto> blow air through the holes and up the pilot flames exit hole to clean any debris loosened but not removed from the tube by the pipe cleaned.

I suggest you remove the lower ovens pan so you can work above the pilot assembly. having the oven light on is a huge help in most cases.

When this is completed, turn the gas back on and lite the pilot as you normally would. The flame now should be hot and all blue...

There is a topic referring to thermocouples posted, within the archives of this forum, if you care to read it.

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