Kenmore gas dryer buzzing

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Our Kenmore gas cloths dryer has started to make a loud buzzing noise whenever the gas burner is on. Whenever the burner cycles and the gas burner goes off the buzzing stops even though the dryer keeps spinning.

I pulled off the lower front cover so I could clearly see the buzzing was only when the burner was on. Also I could tell it was from the heating unit area and not from the motor or idler pulley area.

Is this sound an indication that the dryer will stop working soon? Is there a part that I should change out soon as the noise gets my wife in a bad mood!

I have a mechanics stephascopy that I can use to pinpoint the exact location of the buzzing if needed. The dryer has no pilot light and is about 10-12 years old with the black upper face unit

thanks Tom and others for the great board.
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Hello and Welcome Cressidaadr to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliance forum.

As old as your dryer is, is about the same number of years ago I have heard that sound from a dryer. If memory still serves me, the gas valve is wornout.

It's most likely the gas valves internal pressure regulator vibrating. This item is built into the gas valve, therefore it is not replaceable as an individual part.

The archives, within this forum, have other postings on this topic of dryers and information on removal of the gas valve assembly.

Remember to unplug the appliance and turn off the gas to it prior to attempting to remove the valve. Also note there is a tiny shutoff valve on the gas supply pipe right there at the appliances gas valve, where you saw the burner flame. You can use this shutoff valve to avoid pulling the appliance away from the wall.

Another note to know is the nut that attaches the gas valve to the gas supply pipe is counter threaded. Which means it loosens clockwise and tightens counterclock wise.

Yet a third note, be sure to soap test for gas leaks on every pipe fitting that you put a wrench on. No leaks of gas must be determined prior to calling any job done whenever working on gas pipes and appliances.

Speaking of soap, I'll get of my safety soap box now.
Since your fixing the dryer anyway, now is a good time to do all the regular maintenance items. Instructions also found within the archives on this topic.

Regards & Good Luck
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