Thermador Cooktop Ignition Problems

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Thermador Cooktop Ignition Problems

I have a Thermador PCS484GG cooktop that's having ignition problems. The configuration is four star burners, a grill and a griddle.

I was having problems with the four star burners igniting so I've just replaced...
  • The control unit (BSH p/n 00422882)
  • The fixing unit (BSH p/n 00753257)
  • The simmer burner potentiometers (2x BSH p/n 00422748)
  • The wiring between the fixing unit and each of the four igniters
I figured while I had it apart, I'd replace the igniters too, but the wrong parts were sent.

I'm still having issues. I don't seem to get reliable "spark" each time I try to ignite a burner.

Right two (non-simmer) burners...
Will ignite with a lighter but the cooktop spark will not ignite the burners. Once the burners are lit with a lighter, the ignition source continually provides spark to the igniters even though the burners are burning.
Left front (simmer) burner...
Works normally. It will light with the igniters and the simmer function is also working. Like the right (non-simmer) burners, when the burner is burning, the igniters continuously try light the burner.
Left rear (simmer) burner...
Initially seemed to be working normally (i.e. would light, simmer and no continuous ignition attempts) but when it was operating in simmer mode, I also put the left front burner in simmer mode. Now the left rear burner will not ignite at all - even with a lighter.
I guess it's possible that I received a faulty part but if not, I'm at a complete loss.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
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Welcome to the forums.

I very rarely work on Thermador stoves but their problems are similar to other manufacturers.

That stove use a re-ignition spark module. That means if the flame goes out it keeps trying to relight the burner. It works by flame rectification. The flame forms a part of the circuit. The flame must actually be in contact with the igniter or the sparker will keep sparking.

Making sure the igniters are clean and in the proper position is a starter. Make sure you actually see the spark at the top of the igniter.

I'll have to look further into the simmer problem.

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