Pilot light is on but oven won't light


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Pilot light is on but oven won't light

I have a very old Crown stove, which is still quite functional, except for two problems, one of which is that the oven won't light. There are actually two ovens, side by side, in this model. On one of them the door doesn't completely shut, so I thought I'd just start using the other side. Unfortunately, the other side won't light.

I can see that the pilot light is on - it's constantly on. But when I turn on the oven, nothing much happens. (There is no ignition system as far as I know since the pilot flame burns all the time.)

Now the other oven lights just fine. I turn the knob and in a few seconds...poof... oven lights up.

The oven used to work just fine, but as we didn't really need two anymore, we just quit using it. Then when I tried to turn it on to avoid using the other one whose door won't close tightly, it wouldn't light.

It all looks pretty clean in that oven too.

Any advice on what to do?

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It's going to be a difficult DIY repair as I don't know what your ovens use for gas control.
The pilots are lit which means the thermocouples are ok. That could mean a problem with the pilot generator not supplying power to open the main gas valve.

You maybe able to move the door hinge hardware to the working oven.

Maybe one of the older gas guys can help you better.
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Older guy here......with MY TWO CENTS...

Photo in the other post shows two different types of oven temp knobs. Very possible the oven that does not work is a timed controlled oven. Controlled by the timer near the clock on the control panel. Check the settings. The setting may be in a timed on/off delayed mode, etc. Needs to be set to manual.

If need be and likely should be a closer up photos of controls on the front panel and a photo of the pilot assembly. Possible that model as a flame switch safety that requires electrical power to operate. Switch behind control panel may be faulty, defective or incorrectly set.

Difficult to see or determine type and my memory evades me even thou I worked on many such brand & oven types over the years. Or one of two other types of thermocouple safeties used in that brand & model. Might even have a safety red reset button in broiler draw section below oven baking compartment or under top lid back left or right corner, etc. Pilot photos might help jog my aging brain cells too......
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Hey older guy!

The oven knobs are actually identical. The different looking knobs are for the burners. I don't see where to set anything to manual on the timer near the clock. It's really just a plain old timer - no on/off switches. Neither it nor the clock works anymore. And yes, the stove is plugged in as the electrical outlet on the stove works.

I'm also not sure why any time control would affect the oven on one side but not the other.

I'll try to post more photos tomorrow.

~ Old Gal
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I owned a gas stove for around 45 years, Magic Chef I think was, and it would do the same every 10 years or so. Turn the oven on and the pilot would get slightly larger as it should but the burner never lit.

Crawling in there I could see some sort of white stuff near the pilot, a byproduct from the gas burning all those years I'd guess.

I would blow the pilot out and let everything get nice and cold. Next I would take the ex's toothbrush and remove the white stuff, very simple. Light it and it worked fine again for years.

Only thing I can think of is the pilot was heating up whatever it was supposed to, just not quite enough to open the gas valve.

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