gas oven & gas dryer not working

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My gas oven has had problems reaching it's temp (it would take a long time for the temp to increase or the temp would just not increase at all), now it does not heat at all and i am smelling gas when i turn it on. Someone said my pilots could be out. How can I light these myself? Or is this problem more serious since i smell gas when the oven is on?

Also, by coinsidence, my dryer has begun to not dry as quickly and as hot. What could cause this and how can I fix it? I already checked to see if my hose in the back came undone and it hasn't and if the vent outside was still blowing and it is. Someone said it might be a heating element. Can i troubleshoot and fix this problem myself? Thank You.
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Hello and Welcome twebythesea to the Do It Yourself Web Site and thanks for posting a question in my Gas Appliance forum.

We will start with the dryer first. If the dryer is taking a long time to dry the clothes and not as hot, as you stated, it's not the the glow coil element. But thanks for mentioning the word element so I know what type of igniton system the appliances has.

Dryers do exactly as the condition you discribed when the exhaust vent is restricted. Air may be coming out the exhaust vent but the volumn may not be there.

Disconnect the vent at the back and allow one load to dry noting the time it takes. If that time is about the same as it was prior to this problem, the vent tube is restricted somewhere. Could be the flapper on the outside vent hood isn't free moving enough or opening fully.

The above is the most common and likely problem.

Now the oven:

Not exactly sure about this oven. I have no idea if it has a pilot ignition system or a glow coil.

Glow coil ignition systems aren't likely to allow any gas out, if the glow coil is weak or not functioning. Even if the oven is turned on. All that happens is nothing.

Ovens with pilots do emit slight gas odors when the pilot is out. Some ovens more odor when the thermostat is turned on. The reason is there are two pilots. Standing pilot and actuating pilot.

{Not to worry about those pilot details. There only there for other gasmen and appliance service reps so they don't think Tom forgot...haha}

However, you stated the oven didn't at first reach temperature and now doesn't work at all. Two distinctly different problems and not the same symptoms for pilot outage and or a weak or dead glow coil.

If your smelling gas, it could be only a pilot out. If the glow coil failed, the oven won't work. Best to have an appliance service company check it out.

Regards & Good Luck
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