leaking connector for gas dryer

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i just became a new member and think this is an excellent forum.

yesterday, the gas company came and told us that the gas connector to our gas dryer is leaking. he turned off the gas supply to the dryer and now we have no dryer.

could someone please explain to me step by step (in really simple terms) how to find a replacement part and the directions to repair it.

thanks so much for any advice.

take care!
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Connector Replacing:

Hello and Welcome bergzy to the Do It Yourself Web Site and thanks for posting a question in my Gas Appliance forum.

It is an excellent idea to replace the entire flex connector, since the leak could be anywhere on it. It may be just at a connection point but I have to assume not.

I would also have to assume if the leak was strictly at a connection point, the service person would have and absolutely should have corrected it. I hope anyway. Not always the case, depending on your location within California.

That said, you'll have to slide the dryer away from the wall first. Since the gas to it is already off, in this instance, you may proceed to use an adjustable 10 inch or 12 inch wrench and remove the female connection of the flex, at the dryers inlet pipe.

CAUTION: You do not want to also remove the adaptor which is installed on the black pipe extending out of the dryer nor allow the pipe to flex nor rotate during this process. Use another smaller adjustable wrench, if needed, to prevent the adaptor from turning.

Once that end of the flex is removed, remove the opposite female end from the existing shut off valve. Same rule above also applies here. The shut off valve should not rotate. Use a backup wrench if needed.

Take the flex to the local hardware store and purchase an exact duplicate size. Then install only the flex, if purchased as a kit and not an individual piece.

Apply only oil to the threads if desired or needed. DO NOT use any tape, etc. Now reinstall the new connector exactly as you removed the damaged leaking one.

Do this by first threading the famale cap nut, of the new flex connector, onto the male adaptor on the dryers inlet pipe by hand while gently wiggling the flex tube until the cap nut is firmly seated. Then carefully tighten the cap nut about 1/4 turn or until tightened securely.

DO NOT over tighten. Doing so can strip the threads or damage the flare funnel inside the flex.

Next repeat this process on the shut off valve exactly as you had removed the damaged one and connect this end exactly as explained above.

Make up a cupful of slightly over soapy soap solution using common dish liquid soap and apply soap to both ends of the connector with the gas turned on. Watch for bubbles.

Allow several minutes to pass while watching closely. Should tiny bubbles form anywhere, there is a leak which will needed to be corrected. If no bubbles are found, job completed successfully...

Regards & Good Luck
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Smile thanks for your help! everything is wroking great now!

thanks so much for the step by step instructions! they really helped. i would not have thought about putting a little oil on it and the soapy water test! thank you and take care!

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