Kenmore Gas Dryer won't shut off & overheats

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I have a Kenmore Model# 110. 8657011065701

I have a problem with the dryer not cooling down and stopping on it's own if ran for 30-40 mins (could be less or more as well). It will get so hot and it won't shut off when the buzzer goes off, just keeps running and heating. Also, when you open the dryer door when it's running, it doesn't stop turning or heating. It had to be repaired once already, said there was a short in the wires. I have proper ventilation, except for the fact, that I have a plastic instead of metal hose for ventilation.

If I turn the dryer on for 1-5 minutes, it will cool down and shut itself off with the buzzer like it is supposed to.

If I run it for a long amount of time, it will keep getting hotter and hotter until the outside of dryer and clothes on inside are too hot to the touch..almost burning!

I am not sure if this is a venting problem (or one where it needs cleaned) within the dryer or not, I recently bought it "Used" I've had problems each time I've used it.

Please Advise...
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Hello and Welcome Samantha to the Do It Yourself Web Site and thanks for posting a question in my Gas Appliance forum.

A dryers heart is the timer. If it fails to rotate anyplace within the cycle, that cycle will continue forever. I would suspect the timer for that problem first.

The timer has contacts and as it advances through the cycles, one of those contacts can become stuck for any one of several reasons. Timers also have cams <lobes> that open and close those contact points. If the timer hangsup on a lobe, it will not advance to the next cycle either.

Since timers are a non repairable item, you would have to remove it, take it the local appliance parts dealer and have it tested.

The door safety switch {that extended button} is the part that pops out when the door is opened. This button controls the entire operation of the dryer when it's running. If it fails to pop out or the switch hangsup, the dryer will not shut off when the door opens.

Plastic vent tubing is fine. It's located behind or to the side of the dryer. It needs to be removed to cleanout the lint. If it's old, replace it with new. Also check the outside flapper on the exhaust hood.

Below are excerpts from my prior postings that may help:

Timer: {If applies}
Control center for all functions. If the timer or any other selection switch, on the front control panel, is suspected of causing the current problem your having with the appliance, be sure all selections are correctly set. If they are, the timer or other function selected switch may be defective. Any or all of them can be removed and taken to the local appliance retail parts store for testing.

Restricted Exhaust Vent: {Clear as needed}
Check the entire system. This also includes the exhaust vent hood outside. It has a flapper that may not be opening fully or not at all. Locate any restriction within the entire exhaust system and clean out all lint. Replace exhaust vent tubing as needed.

Safety Reminder: {Always applies}
ALWAYS be positive you have unplugged the electrical power and turned off the gas supply to the appliance prior to attempting any repairs!

Check the archives, within this forum, for other postings on this topic and also for cleaning the exhaust venting system for further information.

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