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Hello. I looked thru the archives and found nothing on my question.... I have a glenwood gas stove that is about 15 years old . Everything is great, except that the stove top is peeling and chipping I have patched it up with porcelain paint a few times but it keeps getting worse. the tenants do a number on it. When I lived in the duplex I own it was fine.... I also looked under the top and niticed that there is white powder on each side of the underside of the top directly over the pilots. The powder has a circumference of about 2-3 inches. What can that be? Help And how would you replace the stove top? Do you need a repair guy to,pull the stove away from the wall to get the top off? Can it be done yourself? The top screws in the back of the stove? -Bonnie
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Hello Bonnie and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliance forum.

Excessive constant heat can cause the baked on porcelain to peel of the metal of the stove top. If this is happening in and around the pilots, there too high.

Pilots for top burners should be the size of an unlit match head. If the fuel mixture is correct and the burner ports are unclogged, a match head sized pilot will lite the burner.

If there is white residue above the pilots, as you mentioned, that white power is sulfur deposits. It's not all that uncommon with some natural gases. Some wells, where the gas comes from, just contain a higher content then others.

To help reduce the amount of deposit left, lower pilots would help in most cases. Have the local gas utility adjust the pilots lower, if possible. Should correct the excessive heat problem and reduce the amount of sulfur residue.

My assumption here is the procelain is peeling away around the area of the pilots. Even if it's not, there still isn't much that can be done.

Porcelain is a baked on finish. It cannot be patched up. A total refinish would be needed by a profession refinisher. It's not a doityourself project.

To replace the entire top is almost impossible. I doubt there are any new ones anymore. You can call the manufacturer. I doubt you'll get the answer your looking for.

If the removal screws are in the back, yes, you'll have to pull the appliance away from the wall to access them. this shouldn't be needed since the top does not need to be removed to adjust the pilots. Nor will it have to be removed if the top cannot be replaced.

Regards & Good Luck
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