oven fills with flame

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My gas oven fills with flame when it is on and the door is opened. My guess is not enough oxygen is connecting the gas with the pilot light. Our current solution is to carefully open the broiler each time we start the oven, this gets the under flame going (though there is still a quick burst of flame) and leaves our eyebrows unsinged. Please let me know how to get the oven back to normal.
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Several Possibilities

Hello yeldah and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliance forum.

Without my actually seeing first hand the condition your discribing, I will have to take a few guesses at the possibilities.

The oven could have an air intake restriction. Without knowing the type and location of this oven, it would be near impossible to determine the exact cause.

ALL ovens have intake air vents located near or at the base of the appliance. They could be restricted or clogged. Check and clean as needed.

The oven could have a restricted or clogged exhaust vent. Check and clean as needed.

Sometimes exhaust vent restrictions happen when aluminum foil is used on the outside to reduce the need for cleaning. The foil should not cover the exhaust vents!

Foil should never be used inside an oven for the same purpose, to keep it clean. NO foil on the oven pans or racks. NONE.

The above are doityourself tasks.
The below section isn't a doityourself project.

The oven may have an overgas problem. Delayed ignition problem. Air to fuel ratio problem, etc. these and other possible causes need to be checked out by a professional.

I would suggest you contact your local gas utility company or private appliance repair agent listed in the phone book for a permanate fix or solution.

Regards & Good Luck
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