Gas FP insert

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Gas FP insert

I recently changed propane providers and the guy that installed the new tank inspected the installation. He told me that there should have been an emergency gas cutoff within a couple of feet of the insert. Mine is in the basement. Is that acceptable?

Also he noted that the exterior pipe installation was done with copper pipe. Which is better copper or CSST?
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May depend on code. Massachusetts required a shut off where CSST came through the ash dump even though the insert had its own own valve 18 inches away. The CSST valve cannot be accessed without removing the insert from the fireplace. The insert valve is accessible from the front by removing a piece of decorative trim--no tools required.

In California my SIL was required to install a valve flush in the floor next to the fireplace.
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In many areas your shutoff is fine. There may be newer codes or local codes that require a closer shutoff, but there's nothing inherently wrong with your installation. IMO, if the tank company doesn't have an issue with it, I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

CSST only really started being used in the 2000's, so there are a LOT of installations with copper. I don't know that I'd say one is better than the other. CSST is used more often these days as it's easier to install, but some areas still either require copper or the installers are more comfortable with it.
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Code here in NJ is an external shut off accessible at all times.
The valve used is called a Dante valve and use a key. 2john has a link to one in his post.
This valve is typically installed in the floor but can also go into the wall during new construction.

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