Gas oven,ignitor comes on but wont light burner

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I've been reading your forum, it's very impressive and I've learned a bunch. The problem I have is I have a Magic Chef gas oven about 8 yrs old, the ignitor glows orange continuously but does not light the burner. The only difference I have between some of the other postings is that this problem is intermittant, about 4 weeks ago this started, I looked underneath and saw the ignitor glowing and waited - I banged on what I now believe would be the gas valve with a screw driver..still nothing, tried it a few times and the next thing I realized it was working again! It seemed to be ok for another 2-3 uses of the oven and then it did the same thing, this time I just fittled with the control knob - positioning it to broil and after a long while I must have just got a break but it ignited the burner. Again worked fine until today, same thing - glows orange continuously and nothing, I tried banging on the stuff down there (the gas valve and the metal cover and curved tube that leads to it) and then put the broiler drawer back in and waited a short while. Yes it worked but I know that something needs to be repaired.

Please help if you know whay it could be.

Thank you
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Hello Diana_01 and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliance forum.

Nice to know you have already read other postings and replies on this topic of ovens with glow coils and the common problems with them.

A hot glow coil, working correctly, will glow an intense bright yellow orange in color. Too much orange, a reddish color or a dull orange means the glow coil is weak.

Glow coil replacement usually solves the problem.

It's always possible there is another defective part or switch that is in line electrically between the thermostat and the glow coil that is defective, incorrectly set, etc. and not allowing current to flow through the entire circuit. You may also need to verify if there is electrical continuity through the entire wiring system.

Check the control panel for proper settings. Be sure the clock is set correctly and the selector is set to manual and not in a timed bake selection. Be sure there is electrical power to the appliance.

Each wire should be checked through it's entire length. Check each electrical connection, terminal and junction connection. Also check for loose wires between the glow coil, gas valve and every switch.

Also check for electrical continuity through the fuse. The fuses element may visually appear to be unbroken but electrically not functioning internally.

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