Caloric Heritage Oven

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Caloric Heritage Oven

I have a Caloric Heritage series Oven, model RLD340-UL.
The stovetop burners work fine, but the oven will not light.
The pilot light is lit, and when I turn on the gas, the pilot light increases to about three times its original size, but the burner does not light. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hello MichaelCG and Welcome to our Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances forum.

Based upon what you described the problem to be, chances are the Fluid Safety element the larger pilot flame {Actuating Pilot} is heating is defective.

The Fluid Safety element gets heated by the larger pilot flame, which is called an "Actuating Pilot" and is the safety control that doesn't allow the gas to flow to the burner if there isn't any source of flame to provide ignition.

The Fliud Safety element is most likely the problem. I say most likely because the gas valve it is attached to sometimes also wears out and needs replacement.

I would suggest you remove and replace the Fluid Safety element and see if it corrects the problem. Another option would be to purchase both the gas valve and the safety element.

There is a safety precaution to note here. If the new fluid safety element is screwed into the gas valve TOO tightly, it will not function as intended. Screwed into the valve TOO tightly overrides it's intended purpose and the oven will not have any safety at all.

USE EXTREME CAUTION installing this part. Yes, it is adjustable by the amount of tightness pressure applied during installation into the gas valve body. TOO loose and it won't function. TOO tightly screwed into the gas valve body and NO SAFETY!

The other type of safety element is called a Flame Switch. This type has only one pilot flame with the safety element above the horizontal length of the pilot flame. The safety element on this type can be replaced seperately and individually of the gas valve also.

The flame switch type can be easily identified because it does not screw directly into the gas valve. Instead, it is attached to a metal round part that is held in place by two tiny screws. This part is most often attached to the back wall of the oven.

A flame switch uses contacts to make an electrical connection. The switch uses 120 volt house current. The vapor pressure inside the flame switches element keeps the contact points inside the switch closed.

When working on appliances in general and especially ovens which use a flame switch, be positive the electrical power is turned off. Failure to do so will expose you to the possibility of electrical shock!

Any of these parts may not always be easy to replace for the unhandy or inexperienced do-it-yourself person. The parts aren't all that expensive and the labor costs are often worth paying a professional to do the job.

Read the manufacturers online web site for additional product information, problem solving methods, repair proceedures, pictorials and schematics, if available.

An excellent source for orginal replacement parts is your local retail appliance parts store. Appliance parts dealers test and carry replacement parts for all appliances. Parts dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Check the ARCHIVES, within this forum, for other postings on this topic and the replies offered.

Regards & Good Luck
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