Carbon Dioxide Problem?!

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Question Carbon Dioxide Problem?!

We have a GE XL44 gas oven that's about 10 years old. We recently unhooked it, moved it, and hooked it back up again.

We decided to have the gas company check for leaks and he told us that it's leaking CO2. The local gas appliance repair guy says he can't work on it because he doesn't have a CO2 detector and he has concerns about liability.

What should we do?! Would it help for us to "self-clean" it?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Sorry! I meant Carbon MONoxide! n/m

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Hello F. Manfred. Welcome to my Gas Appliances forum.

To correct CO related problems, first the oven MUST have oxygen supplies to it thru the air intake vents around it's cabinet.

Therefore, check to see if the intake vents/slots etc are clear. Next important item is to verify that the location the oven is installed into also has intake air vents, slots, whichever and whatever they happened to be called etc.

Then turn the oven ON and with the burners access door or broiler door etc. OPENED, watch the burner flames. The flames size should NOT lap or lick up over the ends of the flame spreaded plate directly above the flames.

If the flames are too large and or there are yellow tips on the flames, the orifice is opened too much. Further info on locations of oven burner orifices and air shutter adjustments etc is located within this week list of replies I posted to another person. Check them out.

Also check to be sure the vent, inside the baking compartment, is opened. The escaping heat from inside the baking compartment must be allowed to exit freely and as designed. If there is any ducting to vent the heat and fumes outdoors, check there also.

Read the manufacturers online web site for product information, problem solving methods, disassembly, reassembly methods, repair proceedures and instructions, pictorials and schematics, which may be available online.

Retail parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers if you stop in at the store. The info will help to determine the ignition system and possible problem causes.

Check the ARCHIVES, within this forum, for other postings on this topic and the replies offered.

Regards & Good Luck
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