"Roar", incomplete combustion? - gas oven

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Question "Roar", incomplete combustion? - gas oven

For a few months we've been having trouble with our oven beginning to roar, like the gas/air mixture isn't right; there's a slight smell like there's some incomplete combustion. What is the name of this phenomenon? Is it a case of adjusting something--or is it some part that's defective? How can we look for the source of the problem? It has been getting worse: happening more often and for longer.

This is on a Viking gas oven/range, "Professional" model, about eight years old. Two oven heating elements (igniters recently replaced, one 18 months ago and one 2 months ago). One thing I like about it is that it's really easy to get at all the parts. Seems like the John Deere of home appliances.

Thanks for any suggestions anyone can offer.
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Arrow .....Several Possibilities

Hello 4strings and Welcome to our Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances forum.

There are several possibilities for the problem condition your describing.

One could be overgassed. This condition applies when too much gas gas volume {either by the orifice being opened too much or the supply is suppling too much gas} and or too much gas pressure {cause by either the appliance gas regulator or the regulator at the meter} is present.

Another possibility is the secondary air supply into the burners venturi tube. This condition can be controlled by a simple adjustment to the air shutter.

Closing the shutter to allow slightly less air intake can correct the sound of the 'Roar." However, caution needs to be taken not to close the air intak shutter too much and cause yellow tips on the flames.

No action, other then calling the utility company for a testing of their equipment, should be taken by the doityourself person, if the overgassed condition is suspected to be caused by the gas companies equipment.

The odor associated with the potential phenomenon may be the smell of unburned gas or carbon monoxides fumes. YES! It can be smelled if not completly burned. The odor may smell sweet but un-pleasant.

Lack of air into the burner venturi tube, into the burner compartment and or an overgassed burner, useage of aluminum foil to cover the inside compartment areas of the oven, are four of the most common problems causing the condition you described.

3 of the 4 conditions described above, you can attempt to correct yourself on your "John Deere of home appliances."...

Read the manufacturers online web site for product information, problem possibilities, causes and solving methods, part locations, disassembly, reassembly methods, repair proceedures and instructions, fuel type conversions, pictorials and schematics, which may be available online.

Retail parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers if you stop in at the store. The info will help to determine the ignition system and possible problem causes. Parts dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Read the RECENT postings & ARCHIVES, within this forum, for other postings on this topic and the replies offered.

Regards & Good Luck
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Hello 4 Strings,
Reading your post it looks like the problems occurance may coincide with the last igniters installaion.
It may be possible that the unit may have been reassmbled improperly.
I have seen the type of problem you mentioned when burners, venturi tubes and other components have not been realigned correctly when reassembled.
Also, was the unit cleaned and tuned (generic term for cleaned and adjusted) recently? If it hasn't then it may be possible that debris could be obstructing orifaces, venturi tubes or other gas passageways creating the incomplete combustion you mentioned.
If the unit was cleaned and tuned, it may have been adjusted incorrectly or, again, reassembled improperly.
Are the igniters spark igniters? If they are than it may be possible that the spark is not initially igniting the flame when the valve opens. The igniter may need to be repositioned.
Delayed ignition can cause vibrations within the unit and subsequently cause adjustments to go further out of alignment. When this happens it can cause more frequent and sometimes longer occurances. This may explain what you are experiencing.

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