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Unhappy broken oven


My gas range is a GE XL44 model JPBP30WEV4WW. The problem is that the broil and oven does not work (light). The Bake ignitor was replace with a new one and it now glows; however, there is no gas for it to light. What is stopping the gas from flowing and causeing it not to light? What electrical tests can be preform with a voltage meter to debug this problem? Do you know where I can obtain a detail schematic diagram? Could it be the Control valve, Fluorescent light ballast, a relay,....

Thanking you in advance for your help.

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Several Possibilities

Hello XL44girl and Welcome to our Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances forum.

Based upon the information you provided in your posting, there could be several possibilities. Keep in mind that the glow coil must glow HOT and glow an INTENSE bright yellow orange color.

The glow coil may glow but just be too weak to allow current to continue to flow to the coils. If not, it's considered to be burned out. Even if it has been recently replaced or not.

Some ovens have a tiny gas 'ON or OFF' isolation valve.
The valve may also be termed a "Runaway Valve."

Sometimes these tiny valves get turned OFF accidentailly, usually during cleaning under the stoves top cover, where the burners are, if it is located there. Look closely 4 it.

This valve may be located on the aluminum gas supply tube on the opposite end of the gas valve. Usually on the main gas manifold pipe under the stove burner top as mentioned above.

Or the tiny valve can be located directly on the appliance regulator or anywhere else. Some manufacturers do not use these valves at all or not on all models. You'll have to look for it.

Since you have already replaced the glow coil, the gas valve may be defective.

Defective Gas Valve:
Remove entire unit as an assembly. Take the entire assembly to your local appliance parts store for testing. Gas valves are not repairable. Replacement is the only option if defective.

CAUTION: Do Not attempt to repair the gas valve! This is a non repairable item!

Ovens with touch pad controls use electronic computerized circuit boards. The entire circuit board could be removed and taken to the local appliance parts dealer for testing and or replacement.

It's always possible there is another defective part or switch that is in line electrically between the thermostat and the glow coil that is defective, incorrectly set, etc. and not allowing current to flow through the entire circuit. You may also need to verify if there is electrical continuity through the entire wiring system.

Be sure to unplug the power first. Each wire should be checked through it's entire length. Check each electrical connection, terminal and junction connection. Also check for loose wires between the glow coil, gas valve and every switch.

Also check for electrical continuity through the fuse. The fuses element may visually appear to be unbroken but electrically not functioning internally. The fuse is generally located at the end of the electrical power cord close to the oven burner gas valve.

The do-it-yourself person can do electrical tests and continuity tests on several of the parts often used in ovens. However, neither of these tests will provide proof positive the part being tested is actually functioning correctly. Do not rely solely on either test.

Keep in mind, that the only positive proof any part is functioning correctly, is to carefully remove the part or parts you suspect to be the potential culprit, and have the local appliance parts store person run the required tests to help make the final determination.

Read the manufacturers online web site for additional product problem solving information. Check the ARCHIVES, within this forum, for other postings on this topic and the replies offered. Within the archives of this forum, locate the "Gas Valves and Glow Coils" posting for additional do-it-yourself information.

Appliance parts dealers carry replacement parts for all appliances and are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Regards & Good Luck
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