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Question excessive heat from vent on kenmore range

I recently moved in to a house with an older model, self-cleaning, Kenmore gas range. Having never had a range with the vent on the backplate before (they came up through the rt. rear burner usually) I am not sure if the amount of heat coming from the vent is normal for gas ranges or for this make/model, or whether there is something wrong.
The amount of heat that comes out of the vent seems amazing to me. It is like having your hand in the oven itself. I don't think I could use the rear burners while the oven is on, that's how hot it is. The pots sitting on the stove got extremely hot, even the heat resistant handles. It heats the hood to the point where you wouldn't want to touch it barehanded. It heats up the cabinets (20 inches vertical clearance) and the side of the fridge (6 inches from range, 18 inches from the vent).

At first i thought there must be an insert or shield missing, but I found a diagram online that indicates there isn't. Is it possible that there is some internal shield or deflector that is missing, or is this normal? I have a hard time beleiving a range would be desinged so inefficiently as to expend so much heat during normal operation.

(Sorry if this produces a duplicate posting...my machine hung in the middle of the first try, and I am not sure whether the post was successful or not. )
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Hello relralnc and Welcome to our Do It Yourself Web Site and the Gas Appliances forum.

The temperature exiting the vent is the same temperature as the thermostat is set at. If you select 350 degrees and the oven bakes correctly, then the vent exhaust will be the same temperature. This is perfectly normal.

Above the range should be an exhaust vent hood with a built in fan. If so, turn the fan on to exhaust the heat. If there isn't an exhaust vent hood above the stove, you may elect to have one installed, providing it's possible to install one there.

Heat produced by the burner for the baking compartment and inside the baking compartment should not have any shields etc. The exterior vent could have a shield but not one the blocks the exiting heat. It can only deflect it but it will still be there.

Regarding design, the design is perfectly normal also. Heat generated by the oven can vent into the kitchen. In so cases it can be vented outdoors thru a flue vent or the hood vent. Much depends on the possibility on how a ducting can be installed and if it is possible.

Your oven is working correctly and as designed.

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oven venting

thanks for the comments. I did have the exhaust fan on, to no avail. perhaps I will try to get a shield of some sort that will more effectively deflect the heat up towards the exhaust fan rather than outward.

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