Honeywell F50A Filter...Working?

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Honeywell F50A Filter...Working?

Hi there

I just had a new A/C and furnace installed, and my existing Honeywell F50 electronic air filter was re-installed.

After the fact, I noticed some differences:

1) Even with the power switch in the "ON" position, the unit used to turn off when the blower was not operating. Now, when the blower is off, the unit is still "ON" with indicator light glowing a low buzz emanating from the unit.

I pointed out the difference to the installer and he said that "with this furnace, the power to the air filter is always on." Unless of course you have a sail switch...but he didn't put one it. I thought these units should not be on unless the fan is actually blowing.

2) When the blower is on, the test-button no longer tests positive (arcs), like it did the day before.

I also noticed the cells are pointing in the wrong direction, but even though these look reversable, I could not make them slide easily into the unit to fit with flow-arrow pointing the other direction. Seems to hang up at the contacts.



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Honeywell Air cleaner

1) I suppose you used to have a sail switch that was discarded during the installation of the new unit and recycled air cleaner. I don't think that operating the filter with no airflow damages the filter. (I have done that with mine for years.) If the air is off, you will notice a sharp ozone odor in the vicinity of the air cleaner.

2) Is it possible that the filter frame was installed backwards? I don't remember if the frame has direction indicators. Look.

3) The test button may not work if the cells are backwards in the frame. I think the electrical contact arrangement between them is not symmetrical and the cells will not power up if they are installed backwards. The voltage is about 10,000v DC and they would have good reasons to design it to be foolproof.
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most newer electronic air cleaners have a pressure switch that turns the unit on when it senses air flow. this is a small hole under the power head of the unit. you might check to see if this hole is open. also most new furnaces that we install have an eac terminal and a humidifier (hum) terminal, or an accessory(acc) terminal. which turns these items on when the blower comes on. the wires on the collectors should be on the incoming air side. the prefilters should be on the leading air side too. a honeywell salesman told me to bend the slot so the pre filter could only go on the correct side he may have done that.

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